Thursday, August 25, 2011


We are supposed to leave on Saturday for our family vacation to Ocean City, MD. We have been looking forward to it for months and have really gotten the kids all wound up about it this last two weeks. Miss M can't wait to spend time on the beach with Grandmom and JB just keeps telling us that he's going to "go simmin wif shauks and daafins".

Cue the hurricane and the stomach bug...the Miller's have plans that need ruining!! UGH!

Prince Charming would like to go down anyway, he sees some strange sense of adventure in being there for the storm. I think this mornings vomit situation slowed his roll. JB is having a quick recovery though, and if noone else gets sick Prince Charming is going to be ready to go!

When I called the realtor today she said "Well, we aren't evacuating so you can c'mon down if you want" Sounds like a real good idea to me...take the kids somewhere we've never been in the middle of a hurricane, there may be no power, the bay might come right up to the patio of our place, and there is a slight chance we'll evacuate.

Sounds like a great weekend to me...


  1. oh Janet! I hope it works out for you, but yes, it looks like it is going to be a doozy of a storm. Knowing you, you will whip up some hurricane fun in no time though :)
    Hugs and prayers for you....

  2. I doubt you could get there if you tried, depending on where exactly it is. They are closing certain south and eastbound roads so people can't get near the coast. Sorry Janet, I know it's so disappointing! There were many years when the kids were real little that we just stopped making plans because something always changed.