Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's been a while!

I can't believe I haven't posted in a year, well almost 11 months. Sorry! I was so excited to get started and then my "baby" started walking and I forgot my password...and I ran out of sprinkles :)

Anyway, I'm back and I'm here to blog, regularly! I have a lot on my mind right now but the first is all this crazy snow we're getting. We have been stuck inside more this winter than I can ever remember. Back in the day when I was a teacher I LOVED snow days! I mean, really loved them. I begged my principal for them, I led my co-workers in snow dances, I sent home notes with my students to wear their pajamas inside name it I did it! And I never cared if we went longer in the summer. The truth is I taught in a small private school and they rarely added days. We got out so early in June that if they added one or two we were still out earlier than everyone else, so there were no serious consequences to our days off.

But life is different now...I'm snowed in with an almost four year old and an almost two year old. Our place is small so we are always on top of each other. And to top it off, my hubby's new job is work and get paid, don't work, don't get paid. It's tough doing roofing and siding in all this snow.

So here I sit trying to come up with some fun things to do with the kids that will kill time and not cost us much money. I am a firm believer in not using the TV as a babysitter, although we watch more than I'd like to admit on days like this. We have been playing with shaving cream on cookie sheets, we bake and bake and bake, we make rainbows out of our toys, we make muffin tin meals and shish kebob everything, and we read lots and lots of stories!!! We have built tents out of sheets, blankets, and throw rugs. We've added flashlights and crickets chirping (thanks to our sound machine). We color, play with play-doh and string beads on pipe cleaners. Oh yeah, and we play in the snow!

We're trying to make the best of this but I'm running out of patience and energy. Spring can't come quick enough!! Tonight for dinner we're having hamburgers, carrot and celery sticks and pasta salad, like a picnic. I think I'll put some sprinkles on our ice cream for dessert and make our day complete :)


  1. I feel ya! My kids are older, but we do get weary of being snowed in too. It's not even a matter of finding new ways to occupy them, so much as we're all tired of each other's company and need to get OUT.
    Glad you're blogging again. :)

  2. Hello Janet!! You are SO creative and you must be energetic to pull all that off! If you ever need day out, you can come play with my kids! he-he.
    I look forward to reading more of your adventures :)