Monday, March 1, 2010

It begins...

I have wanted to write my first post for weeks now, but the pressure to say something smart and witty is overwhelming. Than I realized that I was going to be the only one reading it...

On Thursday it snowed all day so we made blueberry muffins. M thought they needed something extra so we decorated them with pink and blue sprinkles. On Friday we finished up the last of the valentine cookies, hearts with red sprinkles. Saturday night we all ate left overs, M wanted eggs and toast. I sprinkled some rainbow sprinkles on the toast, just for fun. So you see, at our house we use sprinkles almost every day! Sprinkles can be colored sugar, little candy shapes I get in the cake decorating aisle, actual jimmies...whatever! They seem to please my three year old and really, when you are just feels fun!

Last week we began what I am calling "Preschool Practice". Not that catchy, I know, but it does describe the activity well! I made a chart with four quadrants: Jesus loves me, ABC & 123, Growing up, and busy, busy, busy. I put a post-it-note in each quadrant and write a "skill" I want to work on with M. Last week we really concentrated on counting to 20, she's good to about 11 and then things get fuzzy! I think we made some progress and we had fun counting just about everything in the house! We also started to think of one person at dinner every night that she "loves". The idea is that we think of a different person each day, talk about why we love them and then pray for that person. I want her to learn to pray in "the natural conversation" style, rather than printed out prayers. Well, the only person she loved all week was a little boy from church. He is well covered in prayer, but we've got to find a new way to do this. I need some variety and the rest of her friends need prayer!

We'll keep counting this week, keep playing hopscotch, keep praying and keep working on pulling up those underpants! Some days will go better than others, but if I get discouraged I can always just pull out the purple sprinkles :)


  1. YAY! A post! YAY! (and a good post too...) I know its such pressure to seem smart, witty and use correct grammar (probably the grammar is easy for you...please ignore my lack of grammar skills)
    Congrats on your first posty post.

  2. Just stopping by to encourage you to come back and blog! It gets easier & you will feel less self-conscious as you go along. AND, it's like free therapy! :)